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Here is our news archive. All news regarding our site are listed here. If you take a short look here you're always best informed!
Today's date is April 12th 2024.

31.07.02 17:30

Redesign completed
A few weeks ago we updated the first page of our site, and now a complete redesign of the main pages and the Science Net is online. We dropped frames and constructed a better navigation bar. All pages consist of strict HTML 4 but should be more compatible than before. Please give feedback or comments if you find any errors, else have fun with this new site!

01.04.02 19:00

Chatroom removed
Today we removed the chatroom from our site. Since it was not related to the content of our site (and a bad solution anyway), this action was totally overdue. If you don't like this decision, please tell us you're reasons in the forum.
As suggested by a user you now can sign our guestbook without entering an email adress. And, with an additional link on our first page you can skip it easily from now.

18.11.01 12:00

Some updates
We updated and corrected small parts of our sections. The forum now offers user registration, some quotes were added and some corrections in Science Net were made, to name only some of them.
Many thanks for the increased feedback in the guetsbook and via email, we hope to make a bigger update soon.

25.05.01 15:00

Small changes
Unfortunately, there were some downtimes of our site during the last few days. We hope that this won't happen again anytime soon. Our sayings page was also affected but in case of new problems you will find there a link to a backup page with more information.
The most noticeable change is a cookie set when you enter our startpage. If you enter it again, you will be redirected automatically to our second page, so you can save time and a mouse click. You still want to see our first page? No problem, just click on the house in the upper left corner. If you experience any problems with that feature, just tell us.
Apart from that, there were only small changes concering the compatibility with different browsers.
Soon there will be a new section... later, we'll tell you more :)

31.12.00 23:00

New Year's Eve update
At the end of the year just a small update. We added the "About us..." section where we introduce ourselves, maybe a bit different than normal. Unfortunately, these pages are very different to translate into other languages without destroying their meaning, so without speaking German you won't understand much. Though, you can take a look at it to see how it should look like.
The further changes are mostly cosmetic fixes, you can now find the comment form and our email addresses on one page (contact).
We wish you a happy new year and hope you stay faithful to our site!

23.12.00 18:00

Banners page / small corrections
By now, we offer you some banners to link to our site on our banners page. There are also some banners for our sub categories.
Moreover, some parts of our site were corrected and updated, especially our links and hints.

04.12.00 19:00

Redesign of the sayings section / some new quotations
If you also thought that our sayings section was too confused now there's something positive: we did a complete redesign, the page is now plainer but clearer. Now you can also filter the sayings for their language. Regardless the rearrangement we added some new quotes.
If you know a saying that would match into our list we would be glad if you send it to us.

25.10.00 21:00

Redesign of the lyrics section
After many tests, our restructured lyrics section is online now. The navigation is much easier and the whole interface is clearer than before. Moreover, it is not necessary to have JavaScript enabled.
If you encounter problems or have further suggestions how to improve the site, simply contact us.
Within the next few days we'll also update the "Sayings" section as well as some small improvements at all.

12.07.00 16:00

Forum opened
Because of some requests of our users and planned by us for a longer time we now opened a forum. You can reach it by the link list or directly on At the moment there are only a few forums to test the acceptance of the visitors but if you have suggestions for new forums you can send them to us (or post them :-).
We're looking forward to exciting discussions!

26.06.00 19:00

Some news
After a few weeks we now succeeded in changing our server and the next days we will spend on optimization so that everything will work like before.
Many changes very little, mostly there were additions and corrections. In future, our sayings-page will be updated without a notification at this place.
Only one more thing has to be mentioned: you now have the possibility to suggest links for our link list. This is now possible simply by a form. Go to our links to get more information.
We hope that our site pleases you and we would be glad about your feedback.

23.04.00 19:00

New sayings added / Artist information in Lyrics-section
Like in every update, we added some new sayings/quotations. But there's one thing we worked much harder for:
In our Lyrics-section we added information about every artist, furthermore internet links, quotes, photos etc. At the moment, all this stuff is in German, but we working hard to translate it. But you can already take a look at it: 6thfloor-Lyrics

18.03.00 19:00

6thfloor now in English
Now, the 6thfloor page is also available in Englisch.
The first translated part is the ScienceNet, the other sections will follow soon.
We hope that more users can use our page and its information now!