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New drive technologies (ca. 59 KB + 2 pictures)
Novel drives could open the gate to new stars for us.
This text deals with concepts and ideas and its theoretical practicability respectively its possibility of financing.
NOTE: This text is quite long and therefore it's only available in German.


The assembly of materia (ca. 35 KB + 4 pictures)
This text describes detailed the assembly of materia and also deals with the principles of function of nuclear weapons.
NOTE: This text is quite long and therefore it's only available in German.

A physical question (solution posted on 3/9/02)
If you like tricky physical exercises, take a look at this.
In case of having a solution or answer, you can send it to us and we'll publish it.


Matrix-ciphering instructions | Download (13 KB)
How to cipher words or even sentences with the help of matrixes? You'll learn it here!
And for once, it's possible without a PC or a calculator. :-)


Little pastime with figures | Download (2 KB)
with the number 666, the number of devil.

Dream of immortality | Download (4 KB)
Dream or nightmare? Decide it for yourself. In this article you will get enough impulses to think about.

The articles were written with a maximum extent of exactness although the authors can not guarantee a faultlessness at all. If you notice any mistakes or incorrectness please write the author!